Thursday, May 3, 2012

Printed Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans

The Skinny Jeans  

Skinny Jeans Revolution

Long gone were the days when you would see only the emo kids who were wearing such tight pants. It has now become a fashion trend that has really caught the attention, not to mention the eyes, of many would - br fashionistas and/ or non - fashionistas. It's all about the fit and how sexy men feel when they wear jeans like these.

Skinny jeans aren't for women anymore. In fact, I think that the number of men who are wearing skinny jeans are increasing so much that it would not be long until there is a one is to one ratio of men wearing skinny jeans and of women who are wearing the same style of jeans.

Price:  P 3,000.00
Color:  Gray
Brand: ABOKI from south Korea
Sizes: Small (74cm Waist), Medium (78cm Waist), Large (82cm Waist)


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